Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Random things about Rena

1. I have had multiple hair colors.
2. I have a picture of a rainbow and a sasquatch holding a unicorn in my office.
3. I wish i could put someone's stuff in jello just once.
4. I married my best friend.
5. I'm 1/4 mexican.
6. I speak choppy spanish.
7. I'm fluent in double-dutch. Ibits Tribue. Ibi Swibear!
8. I love lasagne.
9. Is that how you spell it?
10. I'm an English teacher.
11. Stop shaking your head.
12. I'm a writer.
13. I've published 4 short stories and won a local award for a story about the devil.
14. he didn't wear prada.
15. He left souvenirs.
16. I've written a couple novels.
17. One is under review right now. (fingers crossed.)
18. I used to like Twilight.
19. then I saw the movie. What was I thinking???
20. I could say the same about some people...What was I thinking???
21. I love peanut m&m's.
23. I love vermillion.
24. I love Cole.
25. I love Othello.

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