Monday, March 23, 2009

Here we are now. Imitate us.

Ha!-Sarah, you should've used that as the title for your idea-stealer post.

Anyhow...I'm using it to describe Gavin's language development. He just turned one, and I think he's doing great. The other day I called up the stairs for Cole to come down and eat. Gavin walked up to the stairs and totally mimicked me in baby-talk.

Me: Cooo-ole! Time for dinner!

Gavin: Daddad! Dad Dad Dad Dad.

I swear it had the same number of syllables and everything. So cute.

He's such a stud. Gavin also likes to grunt at everything. He hits me when I'm not paying attention to him and then grunts as if punctuate. Also, he makes vroomm noises when playing with his Tonka trucks.



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