Friday, March 6, 2009

Rena needs...

You google your name followed by “needs” and post what comes up.

1. Rena needs a forever home Dog Rescue. (I'm a dog?)

2. Rena needs a new cello. (True, cello-ing is a secret passion. My other secret passion: Pokemon.)

3. Rena NEEDS lived in Lawrence Township. (My alter-ego lived in this weird town).

4. Rena needs a family dedicated to training, house breaking, and helping her grow healthy and strong (I'm a dog again.)

5.Rena needs a firm, experienced owner yet one who can show her some lovin' too! (Sounds kinda kinky, huh? A little S & M action.)

6. RENA offers solution packets for wet chemical surface handling. (The solution: baby wipes. They can clean my kid, they can clean wet chemical spills.)

7. Rena needs a new outfit!Can you say revealing!? (Um...I do need a new outfit, but not b/c of that.)


  1. That's a cool idea, I'm gonna try it out. I had no idea Rena was such a popular dog name.

  2. Me neither. I think it was the same dog, multiple sites.



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