Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"I'm a Survivor. I'm Gonna Make It."

I'm so irritated with my kids today. I mean they keep following me around the house and I just want them to go play and leave me the heck alone! I can't get anything done and whatever I try to get done ends up taking me a million hours b/c of the constant interruptions:
"Mom, Gavin's opening the drawer."
"Mom, Gavin's eating paperclips!"
"Mom. I'm hungry. Not for lunch, for chocolate. Can I have some chocolate?"
"Mom, Gavin hit me for no reason."
"Mom, if you're not crazy by the time my childhood is over, I'm totally putting you in a rest home when you're old."
Ok, I adlibbed that part.
Anyway, it's like my head is going to explode. I wish I had an in-home oasis or something.
Also, I've been wigging out about writing. It is so hard to continue when the outcome is unclear. I guess that is a universal truth, though, huh.

PS the title is from that Beyonce song--cuz I just watched her E! Hollywood Special. (How housewife-y of me, huh?)


  1. Heh. I have those moments. Just do what my friend does: (second picture)

  2. Love that your daughter is already well versed in her woman's need for chocolate! :D



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