Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rory: Do something to make me hate you! Loralai: Um, go Hitler?

Cole and I were watching the special features of Gilmore Girls a few weeks ago, which btw are really lame and don't bother. After one particularly lame "Tour of Stars Hallow" the clip ended with a violet screen with the watermark of a maple leaf. Centered were these words: Own all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD today. And there was a voice over reading those words.
I know what you're thinking, It was probably Loralai or Rory's voice or Miss Patty. No. The voice was not a lovable character from the show. It wasn't even Luke. It was some dark, bass voice who sounded almost like a retired drill sergeant. I mean it. We were both a little startled...and one of us peed a little. In fact, if I didn't already own all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls--including the Amy Sherman-Palladino knock-off (i.e. the 7th season)--I would've gone right out and purchased them out of fear for my life.

The voice was enough to trump the "sophisticated, but understated" background.


  1. I happen to be watching Gilmore Girls while reading this... I only WISH I could be watching the special features, only because I wish I could own all 7 seasons. Someday my husband will listen to be and buy them!

  2. Don't go see The Grad by the way, even if you like Rory - well, maybe see it at the $ movie. It was really weak plot wise!

  3. KB-too bad about the grad. I was entertaining the idea of seeing it, but now I won't.

    and becka, you should totally get all seasons, besides you'll need something to watch when baby comes. nursing means sitting on the couch A LOT!!



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