Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Yesterday was a momentous one.

Weezer's latest album: Raditude hit the stores.

I personally purchased my copy for $14.99 at ShopKo in Spanish Fork. (Plus, I got a hot new pair of leather boots while I was there. Couldn't resist.) ShopKo didn't make the kind of fuss they should have about the album, as i had to dig in the regular section around some country CDs to find it. But behold, there it was. A large dog on the cover jumping in a iconic eighties living room (you know the kind with the striped brown and mustard couch, simplistic coffee table, and a carpet the same color and texture of a teenage boy's drab, overly-long and barely washed hair.) On the coffee table was a book--it's title unclear to the naked eye, and I found myself wondering what the book might be titled? What would Weezer have on the coffee table at home. Inasmuch as I don't follow any Weezer fan sites where this kind of thing is already known, I just guessed.


Snuggies for dummies?
Track suits etcetera?
The memoir of a 1/2 Japanese girl?

Any other suggestions?

Anyhoo, the actual music, while slightly pop-ier than usual, has the signature "odd-girls are hot" and "regular jobs suck" thematic quality. At first, I didn't love the "partying" song or whatever it's called. But soon, I warmed much like I was wearing a Weezer Snuggie. Overall, the CD will be immortalized in my collection. like all the other albums. I am still firm in my declaration that Pinkerton is the best CD, but I still celebrate all things Weezer.

(PS-Rivers-if you're reading this, name one of your next songs Rena (pronounced re-nuh) I'm a 1/4 Mexican Mormon girl from Utah with feminist core and a birth mark shaped like Australia. I once had a cat named Nicodemus, a Pomeranian/poodle named Chanel. And my kick-a husband believes in the Sasquatch. Tell me you can't come up with lyrics for that!).

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