Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've had some weird dreams in the past. Some so funny I woke up laughing. Others so terrifying that I had to watch 2 hours of HGTV after just to get the axe murderer out of my mind. I've dreamt in plot. I've dreamt in episodes. I've dreamt in color and black and white. And then there's the bizarre ones. These have no sense and no plot and must be true representations of my inner-psyche.

Here's a few tidbits of my dreams.

Once I dreamed that my friend Ashleigh --who is on a successful quest to lose weight --got accepted to America's Next Top Model and won!

I dreamt about a sociopath who kidnapped pregnant women and then taxedermied their babies right after birth. (This was an HGTV one.)

I dreamt I was a peasant in a fast-walking race with a king.

I dreamt that my brother fought off ninja cats in a warehouse.

I dreamt I flirted my way into a conference where Neil Gaiman was the keynote speaker. Had to give my number to a kid half my age with a flashlight and a name tag, but it was worth it to bask in Neil's syrupy British voice. (Also, during Neil's speech, he fainted into the first row of people. weird. He recovered nicely, however, and continued to tell us about his fascination with gargoyles.)

What does this say about me?

Got a couch?

and a Freud?


  1. Hang on, I'm trying to picture Dave fighting off the ninja cats...

    That's awesome. :)

  2. I had a dream that you stole all my baby's frozen milk out of my freezer for Gavin. I came to your house to steal it back, but you had double-locked all your doors.

    I was really disturbed by it for about an hour. :)



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