Wednesday, June 23, 2010

highlights of park city so far...

1. Rolling my ankle while holding two yr old son and walking down the stairs. I crumpled into him, hurt his arm and scraped up my foot and thumb.
2. My two yr old son crapped his pants so bad that it leaked through his jeans. It smelled like a truck stop bathroom in Old Navy and then I realized I had no diapers on me. Luckily I found a swim diaper in my trunk.
3. They keep feeding us junk food for every meal and snacks. i.e. pudding, brownie, chocolate cookies, taffy, soda (not diet), lemon squares, rice krispie treats, peppermint patties, chocolate chip cookies, m & m cookies, danishes, cinnamon rolls, mini candy bars, m&ms, muffins that tasted more like cake, and cake. I mean seriously. No wonder I felt fat when trying on clothes today. ugh.
4. The content. This has been hands-down the most useful and interesting conference on education that I have ever been to. love and gonna use it.
5. shopping with my sister!
6. swimming with my kids.
7. Calling my husband after they left and finding out that my two yr old was carrying my pillow around with him at home because he missed me. goo.

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