Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top Ten Summer 2010 Moments

In Disneyland:
1. Gavin clawing his way out of my grip the second he saw Mickey Mouse. I've never seen a kid so psyched to see a mouse.
2. Layne getting so shy around the princesses that I don't have any princess pictures without Layne holding her hands in front of her face.
3. 21 people wishing Cole a "happy birthday" in a single day.
4. California Screamin', Matterhorn, and Splash Mtn. were my favorite rides. However, I will not be riding the Tower of Terror or the Ferris Wheel. Yeesh. Pee my pants scary.

In Universal Studios:
5. Meeting Spongebob. Elayna and Gavin both freaked over this.
6. The Jurassic Park ride. Awesome. Right as the T-Rex snapped at us Layne screamed, "We're going to die!"
7. Layne dancing with Frankenstein in the street, and then later when recalling the incident she called him "Einstein". Took me a few hours to realize who she was talking about.

General Summer:
8. Well, I can tell you it definitely WASN'T going camping with a 2 year old. ugh. Not doing that again ever!
9. Painting my living room red.
10. Having a "Psych" marathon with Cole. "What!" (fist-bump)

1 comment:

  1. Looks like Disneyland was a blast! Cute family pictures.



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