Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins, Smashing Concert

My beautiful, wonderful, magical sister (who I owe a thousand hugs to) took me to the Smashing Pumpkins concert last Sat. And it was everything I'd imagined and more.
First we were not-so-gingerly frisked by a tattooed battle ax in dark eyeliner before we could get in. Then we walked through the doors, let our eyes adjust to the dimly lit club atmosphere and the first thing we saw was the souvenir table and vintage ZERO tees (with the white star) and the reminiscing ensued. Even as I think about it, I can't help but tilt my head and sigh. The 90's were such a kicking decade. 
We continued forward, pushed through gently by the crowd, and much to our surprise Billy was already playing. There he was. On stage. His bald head glittering with sweat and rock and roll sex. His shirt was one from back in the 90's too. One of those billowy long-sleeved button-downs with a geometric pattern of pageantry colors. (Much better than the black wizardly dress he wore a few years back when we saw him at the Salt Palace.)
My sister and I basked for a moment in the jagged lyrics of our high school musical heart throb. Then, glances exchanged, we plunged into the crowd. Making only about a third of the way into the close-knit crowd, my sister and I found ourselves separated by a couple heavy-set dudes. Unable to bridge the gap between us, I settled in for a good show.
The first couple songs he played (when we got there) were Tonight Tonight, and Today. A couple of my favorite Pumpkins songs of all time. So sweet. At one point, I swear Billy looked straight at me. Straight into my soul. And he disarmed me with a smile. (insert sly grin here.)
During one of the more metal chewing metal sounding songs, I took in my surroundings. What a bizarre amalgam of concert goers. To my right, I swear, John Locke (from Lost) was jamming like he just stepped out of the wheel chair! I thought I couldn't get cooler than that, but to my left a blonde girl in hundred dollar jeans (and ridiculously high heels for a concert, tho respectable for a "cute date night") was swaying with her boyfriend. I mean the girl had a flipping yellow daisy in her hair. I soon noticed that she didn't sing along to any of the songs, not even the popular ones. I wondered why a girl like that would go to a concert she obviously didn't understand or probably like.
And yet and nodded with respect. Kudos to Daisy girl for taking an interest in a band that doesn't have synchronized dancing and matching outfits. Kudos to the Pumpkins for drumming up a diverse and fresh crowd. Kudos to the deserving.
So with John Locke to my right and Daisy girl to the left, I jammed out until I too sweat like a rock star. Pumpkins live to rock another day. And their new stuff with rock your socks, gentle readers. Rock your socks.


  1. I'll take cash in lieu of hugs.

  2. Did you have anyone ask you for drugs? I did when I went to a Pearl Jam concert back in 2000. The guy looked at me with bulging eyes and said,"Hey man, do you have any acid?" Freshly off my 2 yr mission I remember thinking to myself, "What is it about my appearance that spells drug dealer?" hmmm, maybe it was the black beanie or just me being high on life...hehe

  3. No. No one asked me for drugs. I hope my look didn't scream "I've got the goods" either. =)

    And Sarah - wish I had some. wish I had some.



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