Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Porn Star

When did Halloween become pornographic in nature?
I was walking down the aisles of Wal-mart, for cripes sake, and all of the costumes for women were like dirty fantasy costumes! Seriously! Even the tween costumes were dirty. Tight or flirty short skirts, fishnets, tank or corset-type tops, and topped with a seductive pose by the model. There was even a featured brand of costumes that was called MyFantasy or something tawdry like that.
I was embarrassed for my daughter, who wants to be a bunny this year. Can you imagine the kinds of costumes they had for bunnies? (eyes rolling) I mean, really? Really, Halloween industry? Kids can't just be a little fuzzy bunny or kitty without making them look trashy? You can't sell fear, monsters, and psychos without using sex? Really?
It made me wish for more of the modest costumes I've seen. Ugly Betty as a Bee and LL as a zombie bride in Mean Girls. Those were fun costumes.
Oh, and how come only girl costumes were slutty??? I'll tell you. Somehow society says it's OK for girls to wear trashy Halloween costumes, but if they put trashy boy costumes in the stores, then it might as well be a Spencer's Gifts or something like that. REALLY, Society? Really? Bring back the innocence. Taint not my child's perception of herself with PlayBoyish bunnies and thigh-high leather boots. She couldn't have even purchased a nurses costume without looking like a naughty nurse. She's 5 years old for goodness sake.


PS: After a similar rant given to my husband, he nodded, grinned slyly, and asked me: "Did you get one for you?" (eyes rolling.)

And no. I did not.


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