Saturday, November 27, 2010

Popcorn, Pumpkins, and Giant Leeches

My Thanksgiving in a nutshell:

Wednesday: Roasted pumpkins, scooped out the guts, made homemade pumpkin pies. Then baked candied pumpkin seeds. I pretty much don't wanna see a pumpkin again for a year...which is fortunate.

Thursday: Worked out (new last chance workout video with Jillian and Bob from Biggest Loser), then Turkey time, where I ate more than 3 workouts worth of calories in one delicious sitting.

Friday: Put up Christmas everything! Took all day. My back hurt worse than that time I was 9 months pregnant with either kid.

Saturday: Made more pumpkin stuff. Guess I got over my inhibitions from Wed. Made pumpkin muffins and 3 types of pumpkin bread. (one with chocolate chips). When I did the last chance workout, I swear Bob was glaring at me like he could smell the pumpkin on me. eerie. Then watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 with some friends, while making popcorn strands for the Christmas tree. Watched Giant Leeches eat some adulterers and Teenagers from space had a contraction impediment. so yah. Good times.

Much to be thankful for.

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