Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Secrets I've Never Told

Is it possible that there are things about you that you've never told anyone? Anyone? I asked myself that and discovered these:
1. I smile a lot in the mirror. I have everything from "pensive" to "centerfold" smile. If I had any rhythm in my hips, I swear, I'd do a catwalk too.
2. Sometimes when I got to RS functions, I feel like either the village idiot or the misfit.
3. I wanna look like Portia De Rossi (without the gay).
4. Sometimes, just sometimes I wish God were a woman.
5. I wish I'd worn a bikini when I was a teen--just long enough to get a picture so that later I could have proof that I did look that good once.
6. I think students should be able to wear hats in school.
7. I accidentally flirted with a deli-employee in Park City. (I swear, I didn't realize it!)

Any secrets too, gentle readers?


  1. 1. Just today I realized that when I get stuck talking to someone that is rambling on and on and on about something I don't care about, I start telling them to shutup in my head... and then I think to myself man, I'm glad he can't hear my thoughts... but then I realized as I told the person to shut their pie hole that my eyes and facial expression must have conveyed my thoughts... woops... I guess sometimes I'm not too good at concealing my thoughts

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yes to #5 and yes to #6 - I just don't see what the big deal is! :)



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