Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Human Behaviors I Don't Understand

I'm in the business of trying to understand people and things that I'm not familiar with. But I believe there are some human behaviors that will never fully make sense to me. Perhaps with more years and life experience, I'll start to understand, but until then, here's a few things that don't make sense to me.

1. Theft. Not just theft of sustanance--food, water, diapers (not even joking. If I had a kid in diapers and had no diapers during a crisis like Katrina, I'd be tempted to jack some diapers.) But the kind of theft I don't get is stealing luxories or unnecessary things. For example, when I came back from my trip, I discovered that someone stole the dramatized documentary on Rosa Parks that I left for my sub. Just let that marinate for a minute. Someone stole a DVD about a woman who represented a race that was robbed of personal freedoms. A movie about an ethical problem was stolen from my classroom. Where I educate children. About ethics. That's almost as bad as stealing from someone at BGW.
Also, someone stole a gardening fork from my yard last summer. Who does that?

2. Why my direct eye contact and a bubbly attitude often gets interpreted as flirting. I realize that I'm the one who is probably to blame here, but I've tried changing my personality and I don't like the introverted bore that I become. I like being happy, and I am geniuinely interested in people. What they have to say. What is going on in their lives. How their families are doing. I tend to joke A LOT, but my good humor is not flirting. It's just me. So world, know this: I'm happily married and am not flirting with you--unless your name is Texy. hahaha! (Ironically, my husband thought I was flirting with him the first time I met him--and I totally wasn't. In fact, I had a boyfriend at the time and made a conscious effort NOT to flirt with Cole so as to avoid leading him on. Didn't work, but to things worked out to everyone's satisfaction.)
3. People who treat gambling like a second job. I mean those who use it to fill a void--not simple recreation. I'd like to add people who cash and use up their paychecks at casinos. On a regular basis.

4. Adult bullying other adults. I'm guilty of this sometimes, but I still don't know why I do it.

And I'm tapped out. I'm sure there's more, but I'm too tired to continue.


  1. I once had my expensive wool coat stolen from the temple. I checked for months and nobody ever brought it back. You've seen me. Who the hell would even fit into it but me? Oh, hope it's okay to swear on your blog.

  2. I don't know...I was pretty good at gambling. I might trade in personal training for the slots.

    I don't get stealing either. Or bullying. And people rarely think I'm flirting with them. Except you. Then I am.

  3. JZ-stupid damn thieves.

    Tex-You want ME to train you? Have you seen you? You run 5K's for charity and everything. or did you mean personal training in slots?
    Either way, I'm batting my eyelashes at you. But be careful. They are hard to resist. They're like medusa-lashes.

  4. I think you come across as very confident, assured, and in control but without being overbearing or pushy. And that turns a lot of men on. I think that's why they think you're flirting.

    And stealing sucks. Especially in a situation where you don't expect it to happen.

    I would like to add hoarding to the list. I understand the psychology behind it, but I still don't understand how people can live that way and think it's OK.

  5. ooh! I'm so sold on the hoarding thing. I hate it when they say, "It just sort of happened." or "It wasn't this bad before and then all of a sudden...". It's like, really? Did you accidentally trip on a mountain of trash and bring it home with you? Gross.

    Also, I think you're right about the flirting thing. That makes sense.

  6. I just wanna know if that book ever showed up? The one that was missing. I totally didn't steal it!!

  7. Suuuuuure, Fanny. ;)

    It never showed up, but I've got a fairly good idea of where it went. Hopefully they enjoy the book, because they won't be enjoying BGW next year.

  8. We're talking about the Chelsey Lately book, right? That's the one that went missing, right?

  9. I bet it ended up under a couch or something.



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