Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vegas Quotes...and no I won't tell you the story behind them...probably.

1. R--- is the subservient peppy one.
2. smiling member balloons
3. "crotch coma" with multiple definitions.
4. Give a little cookie; take it away.
5. "I can take an ice cream and make a treat" to the tune of "Popcorn Popping"
6. stripper bruise
7. S"tit"le-Ho (Supposed to be Stilett-Ho)
8. R--- is the fag hag.
9. "virgin" daquiri
10. random verbal fartings
11. Don't break your cookie.
12. BSFFF - love you, Texy.
13. skittles flavored lipsmackers
14. Mama Cass
15. "How many calories did I burn by saying, 'Ahhhh, R---.'"
16. "ssstop sign"
17. Sitting on the floor gives you hemorrhoids.
18."Can I wipe my sunlotion off on your butt."
19. Gollum grandma dressed like Britney Spears
20. S101


  1. I love this recap and quotes! I've been trying to relay the hilariousness of some of these and he's not quite getting it.

    Love this blog!!


  2. I know. C isn't getting all of the jokes either. Glad you like the blog. (Ten-year nap is one of my fave posts, btw.)
    My sister and I came up with another Vegasism. Any time one of us won't answer our phones, we say, "She must be passed out at an outlet mall."



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