Sunday, May 29, 2011

Larry King and Animotion

Jamming at Larry King's
I  have a friend who has a blog with an epitaph that states, "proof that crazy attracts crazy". Now, I've only known her for a couple of months and "crazy" wasn't the first adjective I thought of in reference to B. However, I think that if my blog had an epitaph, it'd be "proof that stories find the writer".

 Proof is in the following pudding:

LK's house
A friend invited me to a luncheon/pitch for the latest miracle diet food (Xocai chocolate--which tasted like dark chocolate. YUM. Even the shake was de-LISH), which happened to be held at the famous talk-show host, Larry King's house.

It's one of 4 homes across the country and I daresay you could fit 5 of my house in it. It had 7 bedrooms that I counted, a great room with draperies the size of a small football field, manicured lawns and landscaping.

I saw rooms with photographs of Larry King with famous people, like George W. Bush and his wife, and a 1/2 dozen awards for his talk-show and other things.

LK's backyard
I played the gaping, bug-eyed fan like a pro. I don't even really have any specific reason to be wow-ed by Larry King, I mean, sure he's excellent at what he does, but I am not his number one fan or anything, and yet I couldn't help but turn into a darn tourist in the man's home. I couldn't even help but check out the storage closet. (Hey, don't judge me! The door was wide open and the light was on and we had permission to check out the house.) The King's have the coolest decorations. Plus, I found my 2nd husband, so...bonus.

My back up plan...

If only I had been smearing on lipstick too. Then I would really be a CRAZY FAN.

So we (a group of about 7 ladies and the 2 guys who were pitching the biz) sit down to lunch and I had my first sushi ever. AWESOME! During the meal, the 2 guys introduce themselves as Paul, former lead vocals of Animotion, and Jared, Larry King's brother in law.  Inasmuch as we couldn't let the Animotion thing go, Jared whipped out his laptop and played us the youtube version of one of Paul's hits, "Room to Move".

Paul's hair looks way better now, btw. He still looks like he's got some show business in him--with his long-sleeved blue pattern shirt, jeans, and narrow Buddy Holly glasses. Later, I youtubed Animotion and found this popular song. (This song I knew.)

Paul also told us that he wrote the song for the opening credits of Scarface. I told him he should've led with that, and in my head, I kept repeating "say hello to my little friends" at various points in the conversation. Example:

PAUL: Here's a variety of chocolates; an orange flavored one and the nugget.

MY HEAD: Say hello to my little friends.
PAUL: That was Kim Bassinger and Dan Akroyd in the music videos.

MY HEAD: Say hello to my little friends.
PAUL: If you don't get enough fiber in your diet, the chocolate is full of fiber. And if when I started taken it...we'll lets be real. I fart.

MY HEAD: Say hello to my little friends.
Oh boy, did I have fun.

Paul and Jared were a riot. They sure know how to deliver a pitch. I mean Paul said he was a millionaire now, and both pulled up in twin Mercedes. It was very James Bond...if James Bond were a  performer from 1984 or a fit golfer in a past life.

I think I will be trying the chocolate. I mean how do you say no to charisma like that? You don't.'s diet. Chocolate.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thirty Reasons Why This Was the Best Birthday Week Ever (Part 2)

Fits into my new mini purse.
For clarification, keep reading.
17. Another pair of new flip flops. Black with silver flowers
18. The yellow mini purse that I've had my eyes on for a month. A perfect fit for...I dunno...a My Little Pony. [snicker]
19. A surprise birthday party, thrown my husband. My sister took me out shopping, and then when I came home, out popped some good friends and family. We had a BBQ and cake and ice cream.
20. Steak for dinner. It was AWESOME!
21. A cake with 40 candles on it. It had 40 candles to "prepare [me] for the next milestone birthday." Thanks a lot Sarah.
22. Hot pink nail polish called "Jack Pot". [grin] Jack. Pot.
23. Smell-good votives.
24. Subterraneans, which is notably nothing like The Time Machine. Just FYI.
25. New lip-gloss. Purdy color.
26. homemade salsa
27. Tech savvy friends
28. A binder full of my own personal "Murtaugh" list (i.e. A list Cole made for me of things I'm too old for) which includes, but is not limited to "going to bed after 10pm".
29. Opening the second page of the Murtaugh list, only to find a manual to a Kindle.
     ME: [question mark] Did you just put this in here so that it seemed like the binder were bigger and that the Murtaugh list was longer. Because, I'm old now. har. har, Cole.
     COLE: [hands me another present] [grins]
     ME: [eyes wide.] You got me a Kindle? [Cole nods] You got me a Kindle!
30. Cole bought me a Kindle! Now, I can actually read the published version of my own novel/Kindle. Thanks, Cole. It first perfectly in my new yellow purse, btw. I'm calling it Johnny 5.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thirty Reasons Why This Was the Best Birthday Week Ever (Part 1)

    These aren't like my new ones, but I kinda love these too.
  1. New flip flops
  2. New heels
  3. Brazilian food with cool friends
  4. Dinner with Shan (you look AMAZING!)
  5. Using my "wiles" to get a discount on a new Sarah Dunant novel. (OK, so it was prolly a birthday discount, but I'd prefer to think I still got "it".)
  6. An early birthday card and yummy treat from a good friend.
  7. An apple full of caramels (which I couldn't eat, but the thought was still very nice)
    "I'm too sexy for the library."
  9. Mumbledore night
  11. Free tote and bottle of Into the Wild lotion at Bath and Body Works.
  12. Cole and the kids whispering secrets about my birthday all week. It definitely built the suspense.
  13. Watching Modern Family by myself, while the kids and Cole wrap presents downstairs. "Don't come don't stairs, Mom!" Although it sounds like they are wrapping a live Rhino down there.
  14. A new purse that my cute daughter picked out.
  15. glitter nail polish
  16. a perfect little carrot cake cupcake (which I split with my kids).
  17. Dinner with my sister and our families at Pizza Factory.
  18. All day at the park with my sisters and our kids.


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