Friday, May 6, 2011

Thirty Reasons Why This Was the Best Birthday Week Ever (Part 1)

    These aren't like my new ones, but I kinda love these too.
  1. New flip flops
  2. New heels
  3. Brazilian food with cool friends
  4. Dinner with Shan (you look AMAZING!)
  5. Using my "wiles" to get a discount on a new Sarah Dunant novel. (OK, so it was prolly a birthday discount, but I'd prefer to think I still got "it".)
  6. An early birthday card and yummy treat from a good friend.
  7. An apple full of caramels (which I couldn't eat, but the thought was still very nice)
    "I'm too sexy for the library."
  9. Mumbledore night
  11. Free tote and bottle of Into the Wild lotion at Bath and Body Works.
  12. Cole and the kids whispering secrets about my birthday all week. It definitely built the suspense.
  13. Watching Modern Family by myself, while the kids and Cole wrap presents downstairs. "Don't come don't stairs, Mom!" Although it sounds like they are wrapping a live Rhino down there.
  14. A new purse that my cute daughter picked out.
  15. glitter nail polish
  16. a perfect little carrot cake cupcake (which I split with my kids).
  17. Dinner with my sister and our families at Pizza Factory.
  18. All day at the park with my sisters and our kids.

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