Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thirty Reasons Why This Was the Best Birthday Week Ever (Part 2)

Fits into my new mini purse.
For clarification, keep reading.
17. Another pair of new flip flops. Black with silver flowers
18. The yellow mini purse that I've had my eyes on for a month. A perfect fit for...I dunno...a My Little Pony. [snicker]
19. A surprise birthday party, thrown my husband. My sister took me out shopping, and then when I came home, out popped some good friends and family. We had a BBQ and cake and ice cream.
20. Steak for dinner. It was AWESOME!
21. A cake with 40 candles on it. It had 40 candles to "prepare [me] for the next milestone birthday." Thanks a lot Sarah.
22. Hot pink nail polish called "Jack Pot". [grin] Jack. Pot.
23. Smell-good votives.
24. Subterraneans, which is notably nothing like The Time Machine. Just FYI.
25. New lip-gloss. Purdy color.
26. homemade salsa
27. Tech savvy friends
28. A binder full of my own personal "Murtaugh" list (i.e. A list Cole made for me of things I'm too old for) which includes, but is not limited to "going to bed after 10pm".
29. Opening the second page of the Murtaugh list, only to find a manual to a Kindle.
     ME: [question mark] Did you just put this in here so that it seemed like the binder were bigger and that the Murtaugh list was longer. Because, I'm old now. har. har, Cole.
     COLE: [hands me another present] [grins]
     ME: [eyes wide.] You got me a Kindle? [Cole nods] You got me a Kindle!
30. Cole bought me a Kindle! Now, I can actually read the published version of my own novel/Kindle. Thanks, Cole. It first perfectly in my new yellow purse, btw. I'm calling it Johnny 5.


  1. That sister of yours sounds wise beyond her years. Much too wise to say, deserve a punch in the arm for those 40 candles. You should give her something. Like a "Thanks for being such an amazing sister and for helping decorate for my party" present. Something like that new purse of yours...

  2. That's number Johnny 5. I have those three words repeating over and over in my head now. Number Johnny 5. Number Johnny 5.

  3. @ Bennet: nice try. And "wise beyond her years?" HA! Everyone knows you're the hot sister. You've got the rack, remember?

    @ Tex: Didya see the episode of SNL where Johnny 5 starts becoming a pot head? It ends with him saying (in the robot voice) "I have no regrets", then rolling out a window. It's so flipping funny.



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