Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If I had to pick one...

If I had to pick one Weezer song and call it my favorite, I'd have to say "Miss Sweeney". If you're not familiar with the song, it's a narrative in first person about an office romance (Nothing shady, so ignore the part of your schema that first thought that.) The boss of some company is having a conversation with his secretary when he blurts out that he loves her. It sounds gushy, I know, but Weezer rocks the story (as always). 

I thought it'd be fun to write Miss Sweeney's response to his advances. I chose the romantic route, which if you know me will baffle you a bit, but I hope you enjoy it despite it's lack of my signature humor. 

(The white text is Weezer's lyrics, and the red is Miss Sweeney's thoughts, dialogue or perception of events.) 
[Also, if you wanna hear the song go to my friend's blog, it'll just start playing]

Bzzz... Bzzz...
Hi, Hello, Miss Sweeney?
Could you please come in my office for a second?

Wearing heels and my Navy business suit.
A touch of crimson lip gloss. 
Push back my glasses, then enter your office. 
I'm heading home for the day
And I thought it would be good for you and me to check in
I met with the gal from Expo
And they do have the "slab" cabinets in white
She thinks we can take the measurements
Down at the site
If we do that, we'll be just fine, Miss Sweeney
Nod. Twice.
Tuck a loose chunk of hair behind my ear.
Look up over my notes.
A half smile.

That's all I've got to say to you at this time, Miss Sweeney.
Actually there's one other thing on my mind

Girl, you make the rain clouds disappear 
You're gripping my shoulders.
My legs wobble, like licorice whips.
The sun always shines when you're near
Heart palpitations.
Breath on my cheek.
I'm waiting until you love me

You release me.You look away, fists clenched.
Longing pierces my core.

I'm so sorry Miss Sweeney
I don't know where that came from
I think I was overcome by a spontaneous emotion

“I want…”
Don’t speak. Don’t say it.

Anyway, the cash deposit of $5, 000 will need to be sent to the property owner tomorrow
If there are any problems with the deposit or contract

The fire flickers. Threatens to extinguish.

Don't be afraid to holler
I don't want to have to approve each stinking dollar
That we borrow
Aww forget it, Miss Sweeney

You, you make the rain clouds disappear 
 In your arms again.
Enveloped by your hands.
The sun always shines when you're near
Body pressed to body.
I'm waiting until you love me

I love you.

Miss Sweeney, I got to admit the truth
I am totally head over heels in love with you
Every day you come to the office looking fine
Navy business suit clinging tightly to your spine

“Your laugh. The light in your eyes. In your smile...”

You ask me if I'm ready to get down to work
Sweeney, baby, I'm ready... be my...


Girl, you make the rain clouds disappear
The sun always shines when you're near
I'm waiting until you love me
Girl, you light the skies of my life
I swear I will make you my wife
I'm waiting until you 
“I love you.”
love me

Miss Sweeney.
Miss Sweeney.
Eyes searching.
Electricity clinging tightly to our spines.
Put your lips on mine.


  1. This post makes me think of new green carpet in the basement of some stranger's house. Weird reaction, huh?

  2. Weird? Not in context, no. Glad you enjoyed it that much. [snicker. snicker.]

  3. Love love love this song! I'm glad to hear you pay so much attention to the music I play!

  4. If you ever remove it from your playlist, I'll be so so so sad. =)



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