Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Demonic Duck on a Bike

Herein lies a scary story writing exercise, where a group of writer’s turned a perfectly normal children’s story (Duck on a Bike by David Shannon) into a scary story: 

The boy grinned, with narrowed eyes, and gutted the duck from abdomen to gullet.
It fell limply in a pile.
“D’oiseaux vivants de l’enfer [Live, bird of hell]”, chanted the boy. A thunder cloud boomed in the distance.
The duck wriggled, its guts spilling as it rose. The boy gestured toward the bike, and duck with red eyes mounted the boy’s bicycle. Down the dusty road, the demon duck screeched at other farm animals as it passed. They followed in a trance. First a cow, then a sheep, a dog and cat followed like zombies toward a brain buffet.
“Wait,” squawked the chicken in resistance. “Stop. No!” At the boy’s wave, the duck craned its neck slowly toward the chicken.
“Vous ne pouves pas resister a la poule faible. Devenir un oiseau de l’enfer. [You cannot resist feeble hen. Become a bird of Hell,” it shrieked and pedaled after the dissident. 

(That’s as far as I got, but fun. fun. fun.)

1 comment:

  1. I missed this from last summer! You guys are hilarious. I already like your version of Duck on a Bike better!



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