Thursday, July 14, 2011

Forrest Gumption

I realize that Forrest Gump won some Oscars back in the 90's, and that this post will be like poking the bear, but here I go...

Forrest Gump had some challenges of the mental variety, true, but he is a symbolic representation of people who lived during that time period who in the swirl of movements, didn't thoughtfully pick up a torch. He is juxtaposed with people who do pick up a torch, take an active role in fighting for their goals or convictions, only to FAIL horribly. If we are to find FG the hero of the story, we would need to accept that he is a static character with no growth. He remains the same throughout all his years. I am not contesting that he isn't a good person. He obviously has good qualities, but like the feather, FG floats through life. He has no anchor. Jenny and Lt. Dan are the products of their choices by the end of the film, and FG is the product of his non-choices. Most of his decisions were made for him or were made by accident. Is this the example we are meant to follow. Is he the hero we ought to emulate?
My friend Gary, added his perspective. After reiterating the part of the movie where people started following FG on his continental run, one follower asked him why he ran, and FG responds with "I just run". or something to that effect. Gary uses that example to support the idea that the film is poking fun of people who follow leaders blindly, without substantial reason.

But mine is not the only opinion.

This isn't the same article that I had, but it's pretty close to what I was trying to articulate.

This is an article that I agree with partially.

Here's an argument that hasn't been fully developed and has some grammatical errors, but has clear voice and some valid points. (beware of the cursing.)

This probably the popular opinion on FG. (click me)

Here's another point of view on FG. Kinda sappy. But some good points. 

I'm starting to realize that there are a ton of points of view on FG, as there should be. It solidifies my theory that there are more than "one right answer" to a question.

What do you think?

Is there only one right way to view FG?


  1. "Life is like a box of chocolates" is one of the famous quotes from FG. There are many ways to look at this metaphor: Are you the person who takes all your fav chokkies only to leave the ones you don't like or are you the person who offers everyone the chocolates and are you left with the scraps. The flavors that seem to resemble dog do do.
    I think Forrest says you never know what inside until you try. (or something like that) Hasn't he seen the back of the box? When I choose a chocolate from a box I always ask what it is or look at the illustrations! I make an informed choice.
    Do you have to make informed decisions to be a hero? I am not sure if you do. If someone saved me and they had no idea why they did it I wouldn't care. He would be a hero in my eyes. It may not make him a role model but a hero none the same. Big G



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