Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Have a Crush on CUWP (& a limerick by Chris Crowe about me)

(Inspired by "Knoxville, Tennessee" by Nikki Giovanni)
 By Rena 

I always like CUWP best
you can eat fresh fruit
and cinnamon glazed doughnuts
from the corner bakery
and write
and read
and talk about writing
and reading
By then it's lunch time
and if you're not too grossed out
by Jon's "spit"
you could eat again.
a Cafe Rio green chili verde salad
with mango salso
or pizza
and micro-brewed root beer.
CUWPies talk about Zombies
and Kewpie dolls
and cops and cats
and Brazilian men
We make blog posts
and comment on blogs
and make new blogs
and pour out our e-hearts.
but not the story about--
or the one with the--
We become a community of friends
of colleagues
of writers.
           See you at the book signing.

Ironically, I had this photo of me from
2 years ago in D-Block in Alcatraz.
(Below is a limerick that Chris Crowe wrote about me today. What do you think it means? Who does his think I am? Maybe I shouldn't ask him to write me a letter of rec for grad school...)

Chris Crowe to me:

There once was a teacher named Rena
Who dodged a pending subpoena
The cops were aghast
But caught her at last
And she now works a different arena

(Here's a the limerick I wrote about Chris Crowe:)

There once was a man from London
He thought that we all knew of him.
We all knew him well
But still no one cared
Still Crowe's ego's as big as a melon.

(hehehe. Good times.)

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