Saturday, July 23, 2011

Metaphors for Student Motivation and Engagement

CW shows six steps to keep "clock watching" students motivated and engaged.

Inspired by a Strainer
"Students’ brains are strainers.  They catch the bigger, more important and relevant bits, letting the little things, the ones that don’t matter to them, flow into the garbage disposal. Of life."
--By Timbre, Penny, Jon

Columbo with a magnifying glass
Inspired by a Magnifying Glass
"When someone forces their interests on us it can magnify our reluctance. There are times when someone else’s enthusiasm can excite us. But often at school, a teacher can be fooled into thinking that just because he loves A Tale of Two Cities (or zombies) or she is passionate about conjunctive adverbs, his or her students will become English majors through osmosis. We can’t see how our own individual interests fit our teachers’ so we feel blinded to possibilities. If we can focus students’ interests they will catch fire."
--Sarita, Debbie Dean, and Chris Crowe

A Measuring Tape is a Motivation Inhibitor (Click me)

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