Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Thoughts While Listening to Joss Whedon's Q & A at Comic Con: San Diego

 I'm watching a Joss Whedon interview at Comic Con: San Diego that I found at BuffyFest.

Here are my thoughts while viewing and listening to the Whedonverse puppet master, Joss Whedon. 

I've decided that I am one day going to comic con, only the biggest friggin' comic nerd conference ever.

I wanna push my nerd limits.
and co-author something with Joss.
that's another goal.
Is that like "crossing the streams"?

These people asking Joss questions are so nervous! It's hilarious. I wouldn't be such a nerd if I was having a conversation with Joss. 
OK. Let's be honest...
...I'd pee a little.

But at the advice of my friend, Shan, I'll just wear Poise.

Joss just said he would take buffy to broadway.
if possible.
and Dr. Horrible in adjacent theaters.
My life just got 97% better.

I'd totally fly to NY for Buffy, the Musical.

Joss just said he wrote Alien Resurrection. I didn't know that. Or maybe I did. I suppose there was a dusty spot in the very corner of my mental Whedonverse file cabinet.
I know he wrote Toy Story. Or was a writer for it.
Really Joss??? Another Dr. Horrible? 
Dr. Horrible II! 
I don't think two double blinks is enough excitement!
He has to revive Captain Hammer!
Joss has no plans to turn Dawn into a superhero. 
Which is good, because if she were, she'd have the ability to yell "GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT" at shrill tones. 
...oh wait...

WTW? Xander and Dawn are together! I have got to read more of the comics. I'm way behind. ugh. 
And ew. Xander! Dawn? She was like 5 when you became a teen. icky.
A series about Ripper would kick vampire ass! 
Someone just asked Joss if he'd ever written anything awful. 
After insisting with feigned (not-so-feigned) arrogance that everything he writes is gold,
He went on to say that a few scripts were by a young Joss. And some letters to his mom were pretty "self-indulgent". 
Hahahahaha, Joss. I am laughing out loud. 
It seemed to merit spelling those words out fully. High accolades, indeed, in today's world.
Do you think HA is really just short for "High Accolades"? 
It is now.

Ooh Ooh! End with the "Dance of Joy". 
Good-bye, Joss. 
godspeed gloryspeed!


  1. I pretty much only understood 1% of this blog, and that was the part that I said about Poise. FYI it's also good to use those if you jump on the trampoline and don't go potty first. I'm just sayin'.

    I am a stranger to all things comic related unless they make a major motion picture of it. However, I'm glad that this particular brand of geekiness brings you so much joy.

  2. Wow, I just gained a tiny bit of understanding about ...what you just wrote about. Since I knew ZERO before, I learned a lot :)

    Did you coin the term Whedonverse? Cause.. CLEVER!

  3. I did not coin Whedonverse, but I sure wish I had.



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