Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to our lives, dog.

Spike hiding under our bed.

 We got a dog two days ago, a cute medium sized chihuahua terrier mix named Spike. I love dogs and have personally wanted a chihuahua for a number of years. I remember being a child and visiting a relative with a chihuahua. I loved how much energy it had, how it would chase its own tail until it got dizzy and fell over.
Spike has half that much energy, which--now that I'm mother--is a good thing. I think a pure-bred chihuahua would give me too much anxiety with all that yapping and hyperactivity.

However, Spike is flawed. Having been a rescue, it has fear issues. He's trained to scratch on the door when he needs to go to the bathroom, but when you pull out the leash to take him out, he flees the scene like animal control just showed up. Then, you have to retrieve him from his hiding spot with coaxing and treats (and brute force if that doesn't work). That is if you can find him.

I've discovered Spike wedged between the couch and the wall, between the loveseat and the wall, under my bed in a nest of lost popsicle sticks, crayon drawings, and matchless socks. Once he hid on a bookshelf. Another time he squeezed between the fridge and the wall. But my favorite was when he managed to sneak into the garage and somehow got into the car (probably a door was left open by my 3 yo).

All this avoidance only increases the urgency too pee or worse, and he has already had 3 accidents in 2 days. [sad face]

In addition to having the fear factor, Spike is a licker. He waits for you to nestle on the couch or in bed and then wiggles his way into your lap or the nook between your neck and shoulder and proceeds to lick you until you have a tongue burn on your skin. He could be hired by Neutrogena as a new facial cleanser. (That is if they could get past the smell).

"I pee on the carpet. So what?"
And then there's the shedding. My husband assured me that Spike barely shed, but I when I came home that day and somehow--before even meeting Spike--ended up with a dog hair in my mouth, I drew my brows together on the "no-shedding" claim. Later that day I went upstairs to work out to my Jillian Michaels Last Chance Workout DVD. One part in the routine requires up-downs, where you get in plank position and then one at a time ease yourself down on your elbows, then back up. As I'm moving up and down, I'm noticing a fine layer of fur on the carpet. Scattered bits here and there, light enough to disappear into the carpet unless you are looking inches from the floor. I got down to get a closer look, and before I knew it hairs from floor stuck to my sweaty arms and legs like I was made of Velcro. My gag-reflex activated, I abandoned the rest of the workout and jumped in the shower. 

And the worst part about it is that since we rolled out the welcome mat for Spike, I've noticed an increase in itchy eyes, headaches, and that crummy feeling I get when my allergies are going haywire.

I might be allergic to him.


  1. It sounds like Spike is definitely making his home there! I know from experience that his fear will subside in due time, esp if there's treats involved. Since your allergies are acting up and the kids got a pup, perhaps you should be able to splurge on a really nice new vacuum? Maybe it's just the love and yearning for a Dyson that is surfacing!

  2. I just want to say that i said he sheds "a little"

  3. I love that Spike pup. The minute I looked into his anxious brown eyes I loved him. That's saying something because I don't love all dogs right off the bat. Some I never learn to love. Spike's a keeper in my book. However, in all fairness to you, I realize I'm not the one living with him and cleaning up after him when he pees in the house.

  4. @RND, I love the Dyson idea! I vacuumed today with my plain ol vac and made a frowny face.

    @ Shan, don't tell anyone, but I kinda love Spike too, darn it.

  5. Oh you poor thing. No one should have to go through what you've had to put up with. There's just no reason why anyone should be tortured with using anything other than a dyson to vacuum floors. I'll pray for you.

  6. I love what you wrote about the dog. Dogs are lovable goofballs, and always supply fodder--like my haiku!

  7. LOL! Last Chance Workout!!! Wow....

  8. @Marianne, you are so right. I shouldn't be slaving away behind a regular vac. If I'm slaving away, it better be behind a Dyson!

    @"Me", Love your joke! har. har.



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