Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is wrong with the world?

True story:
I got onto youtube to look up something (I can't even remember what) and I started typing my question...

"What is the..."
Here's what was automatically filled in as, I'm assuming, the most popular searches on youtube. I daresay, I'm a little dumbfounded.
  • what is the illuminati [Did a new Dan Brown book just come out?]
  • what is the best gun in black ops [I'm picturing the trench-coat mafia looking this up on youtube whilst picking his teeth with the bones of the neighbor's cat.)
  • what is the difference [between... TOP 3 from this were: 1. dr dre 2. between speed and velocity 3. between me and you dr dre.]
  • what is the gospel
  • what is the most viewed video on youtube [Intrigued? I'm betting it's the Rebecca Black video. But didn't they pull it?]
  • what is the best [...TOP 4: 1. class for black ops 2. hunter pet 3. way to get your ex back and 4. cure for a yeast infection. My thoughts: Yeesh. What does "hunter pet" mean anyway? My second thought: Hopefully that wasn't the same person with all of those inquiries.]
  • what is the meaning of life [We're looking for this on youtube now? hmm...times are a-changin'.]
  • what is the internet [Really? (pause. head cocked to the side.) Really?]
  • what is the problem with your dog [Mine is barking at a DVD of 101 Dalmatians right now, so I get this one.]
  • what is the love [Song title, right?]
The other day I did this with "How to use a..." and the most controversial (and 7th) auto answer was "How to use a comdom male" (spelling error intentional.)

That makes my heart sad.


  1. "What is the internet?" came up because a clip from an OOOOLLLLLDDD Today show came out recently where Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble are clueless about the internet and what @ means (Bryant says at, Katie says about) and they basically end up being all, "What is the internet?" To old people like me who were in college when the internet became main stream, it's not such a big deal to think of educated people not knowing about the internet. To whippersnappers like yourself, the concept is foreign. :)
    Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUs7iG1mNjI

  2. I thought it was ironic that someone would type in "what is the internet" on an internet search engine.

    I figured there was a legit reason, though. And I'm 30 now, remember, which means, I remember when cell phones were beepers and laptops were desktops (or just called computers). And in high school, I researched for papers using an old-fashioned card catalog! Katie Couric and I have that in common.

  3. During summer institute someone typed in "Why" and it came up with "Why are mormons so hot?" Wouldn't we all like to know? It certainly isn't our pioneer ancestry, those pictures are not so good looking.

    P.S.-I love people who don't make me type the secret word in order to comment!

  4. So you are about to learn something you didn't know about me, something that will make you realize I am more nerdy than you thought... the question about the hunter pet is for World of Warcraft...

  5. Perhaps I should retitle this to "what's wrong with the world of warcraft. hehehehe

  6. Mostly I read this and tried not to pee my pants. The older I get, the more I worry about not peeing my pants. Here are some other topics that could have come up:

    What is the...
    reason I bothered to get up this morning?
    best way to get to the yellow brick road?
    recipe for disaster?
    reason Murphy came up with all of those sucky laws?
    best indicator that you have a vampire stalking you?

    So many ways to finish that question....

  7. LOL!
    I'd say the best indicator that a vampire is stalking you is either a pile of cigarette butts by the tree outside your window, or a bat infestation. And by bat infestation, I mean one bat that makes googly eyes at you when you're sleeping.



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