Friday, July 8, 2011

Zombie Haiku inspired by Chris Crowe's bad poetry collection (his words, not mine)

Yes. I found a Zombie Lego photo.
(syllables counts off, because they were lost in translation. ...I swear.)

 2 Zombie Haiku
By Rena

Zagat's Guide for Zombie Dining

I eat at College.
I think he is a professor.
Sophisticated dining.

Zombie Cautionary Tale

Beware of shot gun,
Don't eat Psych patients.
At first "tap", play dead.

3 Zombie Haiku 
by Jonathan Ostenson

Undead Dr. Fred,
a famous psychiatrist, 
gets inside in your head

Apocalypse comes, 
Most popular house in town:
Tom the embalmer's

Hands smeared with grey brains,
Mom says "Wash up for dinner!"
Now hands smeared with mom's.

3 Zombie Haiku by Chris Crowe

Slick shiny jiggly
and red, is it jello or
a snack for undead?

Foggy night, London
Dickens stumbles, zombies lurk
Great Expectations!

"I'm having a brain
freeze," I said. "I'll have one too,"
said thirsty zombie.

A Haiku by Deborah Dean

Crowe's zombie poetry
Brainless lines eaten alive
By drooling students.

A Haiku by C.C. Thompson
Insecure Zombie
Even though I ain't wrapped tight
You still love me, right?

1 comment:

  1. Disclaimer for my own zombie haiku: If it is super-dumb, it is only because you read Chris Crowe and Deborah Dean's first.

    “I never lose my
    head.” Last words from careless Pete.
    Zombie picks Pete from teeth.

    P.S. Shout out to Dr. Dean! I had you for writing your first year teaching at BYU. If you hate my haiku, you only have yourself to blame. :)



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