Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bloggess convert number bazillion

This post was my first trip to the bloggessverse [click on blue words], and I have mixed feelings.

Sure I laughed my ass off, but thanks to the bloggess, I now have puffy eyes. People will think I have been crying. That's the last thing a woman needs is for her male (and female) colleagues to think she's weak. Some will just assume "period", while others will mistake my tears for the stress of having a new dog (and they wouldn't be too far off).

BUT alas, how do I explain that it wasn't tears of the hormone pin ball game going on in my body, nor the shedding and frequent "accidents" of my new pooch [hahahaha...didn't mean for that to sound like I was still talking about my period. oops. And eww.], but rather a photo of Nathan Fillion and his jock strap o'twine. or Nathan holding the "Christ-child of twine", all framed with the glorious, hilarious prose of one BLOGGESS.

I heart you, Bloggess.



  1. You need to go back a few weeks and read about Beyonce the giant metal chicken. Knock knock, Mofo.

  2. I think Molly told me about it, but I definitely will see for myself now.

  3. Dude. Stop calling me Molly. Molly is my MIDDLE name.
    Also, the pooch part didn't sound like you were talking about your period, it sounded like your dog peed on your face. Much, much grosser.

  4. oops. I knew Molly sounded wrong. What if I just call you "Awesome-pants"? or even Bennet "awesome-pants"?

    And ew! Really? YECK. To set the record straight, my dog has never peed on my face.

  5. Awesome-pants is an acceptable substitute. I will also accept Goddess Queen of the Universe, and Most Wonderful Person Ever.



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