Saturday, August 27, 2011

But what do the students think of me?

I've often wondered what my students, past and present, think of me as a teacher, mentor, and Weezer aficionado, and I suppose asking them is one way to find out. However, Bri, a former student and official member of my zombie apocalypse survival team (according to a facebook), really let me know what she thought of me when I showed up as the "magical pet" to her Disney Princess on another awesome and completely accurate facebook list. I told her that if I had to be anybody's supporting character [psh], much less a "magical friggin' pet", then I better be as awesome as a liger.

Here's what Bri responded with:

It's good to know I'm an impact on these young people.

‎"The underbrush rustled as something prowled through it, disturbing the peaceful scene laid out before the beautiful punk princess. The birds and woodland creatures flew in haste from the being approaching, too frightened of what was coming to stick around. The curtain of forestry seemed to part, making way for a Smithey. A Smithey was a rare creature with deep blue eyes that were large and luminous and a screeching wail that sounded like a Weezer song gone wrong. Elongated claws stretched out of hands and feet and looked like they were used for piercing through the hearts of students and feasting upon them; for a Smithey has no heart of its own. After obtaining a bachelor's degree and signing themselves away to a lifetime of servitude, they devil stole it and turned it into this unholy creature of awesome proportions. This was the princess's talking magical pet."
The accuracy is uncanny. My talons are totally long and affixed with red-inked pens.  

I'll have to scan the pic that Bri drew of my doppelganger, Ms. Mithey. (She's the fat one.)
PS. What do you other former students think of me? Or maybe I should stop while I'm ahead. I mean, really, who can top Bri's description? 


  1. Psh. No one can top my description. I propose you do a post on the illustrious Miss Mithey, your alter ego. I can even give you her general background. It's a cold dark tale filled with Smithey creatures and impromptu Bollywood dance moments. It's a thing of beauty.

  2. As a former student of Rena's I don't think I could top that description of a wonderfully twisted tale. I give Bri some credit to she has a damn good ability to write. I could never really come up with something that ellaborate just for a description mind you. But in my tone of blunt to your face-ness I would like to say that she was a great teacher, and I will miss some of the grand times in her classroom. Future students your in for a great treat!



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