Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Legacy of Writers

My principal asked each of us to write what we wanted our legacy to be (as teachers). Here's mine.

Other than becoming the next Flannery O'Connor and/or Meg Wolitzer...
I want to leave this earth knowing that I helped my students discover their voice.
I want to reacquaint them with "writing for pleasure", until the two are inseparable.
I want to students to recognize the written word as one of the most universal and transcendent vehicles of communication, and then for them to participate and share.
I want students to drive their voice into the map of shared human experience, not like a pin, but a railroad spike.
I want them to know why a sentence can be as profound as a novel.
I want them to use words as a release.
I want them to use words as therapy.
I want their words to heal.
I want to produce Martin Luther Kings, Hemingways, Dickens, Wells, Hawthornes, Poes, and Woolfs.
I want to create writers.

Either that or have the largest collection of shoes in 3 counties.

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