Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Signs of Stress

  • jagged fingernails
  • a spoon and carton of ice cream (eliminating the middle-man: bowl)
  • snacking when appetite-less
  • fetal position in the shower
  • black tears
  • screaming
  • silence
  • running to the serenades of Coldplay or the Killers or Snow Patrol 
  • Fingers aching from writing in excess; words that will never see the corneas of another living human being
  • raccoon eyes
  • a forehead that cannot relax
  • restless sleep
  • sleepy during the day
  • carb-fest at every meal.
  • getting reacquainted with my old BF: peanut m&m's. 
PS. It's been rough. 


  1. Step away from the ice cream...put your spoon in the sink...Sounds like post-CUWP letdown syndrome. I miss it, too! I think we need to get the gang together and party one last time before school starts. Hang in there, amiga!


  2. Thanks, Chris. I just went for a run. It always seems to make stress-levels chill out.

  3. Sorry your life is sucking right now. Whatever it is, hopefully it won't last forever. You can get through it. You're a kick-ass woman. It'll be OK.

  4. Sorry to cause you so much stress.

  5. Thanks Tex. I hope it won't last forever either. Somehow, I don't think regular visits to the chiro will help with the weight I'm carrying.

    Anonymous, you can make it better.

  6. Sorry about all the stress-crapola! In my best Rob Schneider voice, "You can do it!"



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