Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top Ten Teaching Moments of the First Week

  1. Having 2 "Brandon"s and 1 "Brendon" in a class. Confusing.
  2. Having 3 Caitlin/Kaitlyn/Katelyns in a class. I'll never get them all down. Maybe I should put 'em all together in a group then, I'd wave a hand in their direction and mentally be like, "That's the KATE-Lin group", and worry about spelling later.
  3. Explaining why my school insignia-ed beer mug (what? that's what it is. I use it for pens.) is faded, antiquated if you will to 3 classes. It's because my colleague put it in Jell-O after I stole his bathroom pass and wrapped it up for the "white-elephant" gift exchange at the faculty Christmas party.
  4. That one girl who understood my "Plums defy" reference. I heart her.
  5. Already getting into an argument with 3 boys about who would win in a fight: superman, wolverine, or Darth Vader. (Vader would be dead in 2 seconds, Wolverine would lace his adamantium skeleton with Kryptonite, know where this is going. My money's on the hot one.)
  6. Forgetting my lunch twice. That's what my stash of popcorn is for.
  7. Explaining that I am a "real writer" whatever that means.
  8. Explaining that my name is hyphenated and that the maiden one isn't French; it's Spanish. And then explaining that I'm 1/4 Mexican, which everyone always assumes is sarcasm. It's not. I am...or Is that "I am" in Espanol? I should probably sabo that.
  9. Already losing my temper with a class, but mentally blaming it on my period. Hopefully, they are forgiving and never read this blog and bring that up in class. AWKWARD. P.S. estudiantes, if you are reading this, and have a sneaky suspicion that it's written by your English teacher, know this... Your teacher has a doppelganger with...the same name as her and everything. Which is me. The blogger. Yah. Not your teacher. I swear. [Sidebar: Wouldn't the bloggelganger be a kick-a name for a blog? Wonder if it's already out there...I checked. It's not. dibs.]
  10. Accidentally cursing. Already. It was a minor one, and under my breath, so I don't think anyone heard me. [fingers crossed] and if so, it wasn't me, remember? or her. Ah, geez. Now, I've confused my alter-ego.


  1. Already sabo that? Hilarious. Muy hilarious.

  2. I heart your funny-a humor, muy!

    From your favorite anonymous friend--CCT:)

  3. Lolololololol sabo. You mean sé, right? Good thing you teach English. Or maybe debo saber is better. Wow! My spanish geek is coming out. Inequity.

  4. Wait, what's "sabo" mean? Darn. I guess 2 Spanish classes in high school and 2 in college didn't stick. However, I do know how to say...

    Abrazame muy fuerte!

    Which may not be spelled correctly. But it's easy to shrug off spelling mistakes when it's only 1/4 your native language.

  5. Oh, I forgot I also had 3 Michaels, but one transferred out. I know that's still 2, but I've nick-named one James Franco, cuz he is Franco's doppelganger, after all.

  6. Too bad "abrazame fuerte" isn't something you're likely to use in class in front of students. I think your command of Spanish could really impress your students!



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