Thursday, August 4, 2011

Write for 15 minutes a day

I'm doing a challenge this August called "Write fifteen minutes a day" or WFMAD, inspired by the lovely and talented Laurie Halse Anderson (author of Speak). I'm only on day four, but I'm happy to announce that I am knocking this challenge outta the park! I write 4 times the mininmum required 15 minutes on a good day.
Anyhoo, a lot of what I write is either too personal to post or is work on a current project. I don't feel good about posting it now, cuz I have hopes that it will be published one day.

In any case, I figured I better take a few of these 15 minutes to blog.

So here it goes.

My first kiss. HA! Just kidding. Not telling you that story, e-peeps.

I think I'm just going to write a scene from a story I am making up on the spot...

The corn stood a full three feet higher than his head, and the limbs of the corn stalks slapped him fives on his outstretched arms and palms as he ran. His forearms would be red when he got home, maybe even a little bloody. Mom would ask what happened. He would explain, and she would understand the "how", but not the "why".

Danny closed his eyes and ran. If the corn field were a green map of Kansas, Danny was a spot of orange running across the state.

Instinctually, he slowed. The corn became less dense, and less welcoming; their limbs seemed to droop. Behind him wind rustled the corn, but one step more and the wind stopped as if an invisible threshold around the creature could halt Mother Nature. A crow cawed a warning to his left, but Danny raised his chin and stepped over the unseen barrier.

The creature welcomed Danny with outstretched arms, blackened straw piercing the stitched cuffs of the plaid shirt. Giant overalls whose color had long since been bleached by the sun were cinched at the waist with strip of leather. Its gunny sack head slung forward, hiding its face, but revealing it's support.
A cross.  
A Cross like Jesus, thought Danny.
A small placard nailed beneath the creatures feet had some hand-painted letters. Squinting, Danny sounded them out. "Wish I had a brain". 

Danny bent and craned his neck to see the face of the creature. No eyes. No nose. But an off-center smile stitched on with black thread. Danny felt his balance teetering, and stood straight to steady himself.

From the left, a discordant chorus of crows broke the silence, and Danny remembered the wind. He glanced behind him. The stalks danced and whispered to each other, and Danny breathed.

Then, he heard a sound that didn't make sense. That sound that a person makes when jumping off a bail of hay and onto the ground. Or out of the truck bed and onto the driveway. But Danny was the only person around, and his feet were firmly on the ground. He hadn't jumped.
Had the creature... Danny thought.
Wind blew at his turned cheek. But it wasn't the wind, it couldn't be. Wind didn't exist on that side of the barrier. What then?, Danny thought.

Another breath on his cheek, and Danny froze.  
Not like Jesus, he thought. Jesus didn't snarl.


  1. Pretty creepy, Sis. My most favorite of all the parts are the last three words, "Jesus didn't snarl." At the risk of being struck by lightening, I'd like to suggest that that be added to the Bible. John chapter 11, verse 35.5 right under the verse that says, "Jesus Wept." I'm terrible, I know.

  2. Oh, Shan. Never a dull moment.

    The inner workings of my psyche are rather distorted, eh? I think I could write suspense novels, but I get really freaked out by 'em. Did I tell you about my nightmare where the villain taxidermied newborn babies? Scariest dream of my LIFE! I couldn't handle trying to get in the head of a villain like that.



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