Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can't get much more real than this...

We've seen a lot of posts about getting real and sharing our imperfections for the greater good, especially from Single Dad Laughing and Brandi Douglass's blog, and as heart-wrenching and strangely uplifting it has been, I decided to take it one step further.

I'm going to show you a picture of me really drawing out my blackheads with a cleansing mask.

The face I really make to my kids when I put on a mask. Gavin used to get scared, but now he just laughs. Cole said, "You look like Michael Myers." I responded accordingly...with a giant butcher knife.

I was going to post a photo of my bathroom right this second so you could see just how gross it is (it would be symbolic of how terrible my housekeeping has gotten in the last few months) but the pictures just didn't capture the dog hair on the carpet or the toothpaste splatters on the mirrors or the ring in the toilet well enough, so all you get is this awesome picture of me doing something real.

I also really shave my legs and pits everyday or every other day. (Depending on whether I have to work the next day, if I feel like it, or if I am having a fat day. Fat Day = shave legs to feel better about appearance. Heels required too.)
I really pluck the brows, but not as often as I should.
I really use skin firming  moisturizer that reduces (or at least claims to reduce) the appearance of cellulite on the backs of my legs.
I really clip my toes nails.
I really blow my nose.
I really would get a nose job if I could.
I really yell at my kids when I lose my temper.
I really don't vacuum.
I really would rather watch the Kardashians instead of vacuuming and any other housework.
I really never plunge; I leave that job to the hubby.
When the dog has an accident, it is really all-of-a-sudden my husband's dog, not mine.

I really wanna be a full-time writer.

Are you brave enough to get this real on your blog? C'mon. Post a real picture, and then tell me so I can link it here.


  1. Pshaw. *I* posted MULTIPLE pictures of the belly skin that quite literally hung to my knees and slapped against my thighs when I walked. Now THAT'S real. A facial mask...big deal... ;)

    (Says the person who edits out her ugly moles and forehead shine before she posts pictures of herself).

    (Also, I'm just giving you crap because your Klout score is kicking my trash. And I lost a Scrabble game against the computer last night.)

  2. Touche! I definitely don't have the guts to pics of my own saggy belly fat. (It's pretty awful too, as I used to be 65 lbs. heavier. On a lighter note, mountain climbers helped immensely! And the Xocai. I didn't expect that at all. While the scale remained about the same, my belly was shrinking before my eyes. I lost a lot of inches, enough so that I never quit taking the stuff. I like the product a lot.) I could up the ante though. Lemme think about it.



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