Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm humbled...

The Morford family: Angels among us.
As a correspondent for the Daily Herald, I get to interview all kinds of people. Some with harrowing survival stories, noble causes, inspiring life-stories, and others who are the warm fuzzy blankets of our community.

With every article I write, there's a piece of me who realizes how selfish I am, and that I ought to be out there doing something better for the community or doing more for my students or more children across the world. Writing these stories gives me a simultaneous feeling of gratitude for the people in my community and sadness that I'm not helping as much as I could much as the people I write about are.

Then, this week I was given a story to write about a Genola family who is trying to adopt 2 children from Russia, a task that will ultimately cost them $55,000, which will all have to be raised in one way or another as they are not a family of great financial means. As I read Alisa Morford's blog about her attempts to raise the money and her gratitude for even the smallest contributions, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and love for this family. They have unfailing faith that this is the task they are supposed to accomplish, and even though it seems as if it could be the equivalent to Noah's task of building a boat, the Morford's plunged in with feet. And they had only met one of the Russian kids for a week before they KNEW he and his sister should be a part of their family.

Here's the link to the actual article: (click me).

The story made the front page of the paper today. Something, I have never been able to accomplish prior, but I know why. Those kids belong with the Morfords. Here's the letter I received in an email sent to both the friend to told me about the Morford's plan and me.

Dear, dear ladies...
I only have a moment so I'm emailing you both at the same time.  I am not quite sure of your connection with each other, but I do know that you both have made efforts that have already been so beneficial that I wanted to thank you both and give you an update!
First of all, Rena, the article was so, so very well written!  It included the feeling I had hoped would come across...your focus and wording conveyed those things I wanted addressed in my concerns about how people would react to a family our size adopting two more children.  I really feel that all of this was the Lord's will and that there is a work to do here.  I didn't realize it as fully until I read your article!  Thank you both for being so inspired!
I want you to know that we have had at least 100 views of our blog already today, most of which are coming through the Herald's website.  The other wonderful blessing is that your efforts have already been worth over $400 to our fund.  People have been donating to UCCU and through the blog...more than has happened yet.  So, this is all due to your efforts, the focus of the article and how well it communicated that which needed to be.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We are anxiously brainstorming ways of thanking anonymous donors on our blog.  But, I'd like to thank you both personally for what you did today!
Much Love and Gratitude,
Alisa :)

P.S. I have to add that we were absolutely floored that we were on the front page.  What an incredible thing!  What a memory maker!  We have obtained enough copies for all the childrens' albums...including two for Ruslan and Nastiya.  :)  Thank you for blessing us in so many ways.
I'm so happy that I helped make a difference in this small way. 
I heart you, Morfords, and I hope your family is whole soon. 



  1. You're kind of awesome. And so are the Morfords.

    I hope the Klout gods raise your score 20 points to reward your awesomeness. Also? I might even let you win speed Scrabble. Once.

  2. Thanks.

    We'll give the Klout gods a tribute of 50 lame fb posts and tweet our randomest thoughts for good measure.

    And you won't have to let me win. I can do that all on my own. =)

  3. awesome family! awesome writer! awesome story! awesome front page! you did a great job!



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