Thursday, September 29, 2011

Magnolias, the Kool-Aid man, and The Grinch

I scribble when my students scribble. Here's a few nuggets of prose from the past term. They are fictional...ish. We worked mostly on imagery this week.

She has a mass of strawberry curls, a gentle voice, but a grin that matches the Grinch in sinisterness. [side note: I have a Grinch grin, and I'm pretty darn proud of it.]

It's not my Grinch grin, but it'll do.
He has a buzz cut straight out of Top Gun, and an explosive personality, in that it seems dormant and harmless much of the time, then explodes at random intervals, sometimes with elementary-leveled insults like shrapnel on my board. [I heart this kid. Makes me laugh everyday. Today he wrote "underwear" on the paper under the doc. camera. That's what I mean when I say "elementary-leveled insults", b/c he always writes something funny like "bottom" or "barf".]

She has a sunny the Kool-Aid man, but without the creepy crashing-through-walls and frightening small children way, and her charisma and modern bohemian style is infectious.

She is a red-headed hairdresser from the Deep South with a sweet drawl and a booming glare. She reaches my shoulders in height, and either smells of magnolias or shrimp, depending on the time of day.

I once thought it would be a good idea to reconnect with a friend from high school. I met up with her for a bagel at Einstein Bagels. She came...late, waltzing in like a glamazon in  5-inch leopard print Jimmy Choos and a tangerine trench.

I had already ordered and waited a good 20 minutes for her to finally decide on lox and bagel. Gross. Who eats that? Raw fish and capers on an Everything bagel? It smelled like salmonella. Then, I had to listen to compliment the cashier on her "wicked piercings". That's just the way she talked. [eyes rolling] I started to remember why we weren't friends anymore. Maybe I felt like I had to compete with her personality too much. There was nothing muted about her. Her brown hair was teased and loud, and her voice boomed like a megaphone.

It was going to be a long lunch. [all fiction]

That was fun. And I didn't mean any offense.

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