Monday, September 5, 2011

We never spooned. I swear.

This weekend turned out to be a girls-only weekend. Not only that it was a English Education majors weekend. And 66.6% of it was a English teachers weekend.

What do 3 English Education majors do on a 3-day weekend?
BIG FOOT Blood-run 5K. We walked it.

Sasquatch hanging out by our trail.

I heart Big Foot. And apparently, so does Nic. hehehe

  • cough up dust from the run
  • wash grime from our legs and feet after the run
  • eat steak
  • munch on loaded potato skins
  • chow on loaded sweet potatoes
  • stuff our faces with rolls with cinnamon butter
  • down 3 bacon and onion ring sliders
  • consume spinach artichoke dip on pitas
  • devour caramel waffles and fresh fruit
  • ingest apple brie omelet with fried potatoes
  • and have hand-to-mouth "relations" with pancakes for good measure
  • watch romantic comedies and throw pillows at the TV in disgust.
  • swim
  • lay out
  • nap
  • hot tub
  • "J-Dub" (Shan's abbreviation for Jehovah's Witnesses.) We met a few who were in town for a convention. We are not converted, however, as the one dude from the hot tub kept saying "I seen" instead of "I saw" or "I've seen". For English teachers he might as well have spelled "college" wrong (like "collage"). Otherwise, we'd be card-carrying, wet from dunking  "J-Dubs" by now. Plus we learned that "J-Dubs" aren't opposed to having a poolside Bud Light. Did not know their policy on drinking, and now we know.
  • blog
  • facebook
The thinker.

  • watch Planet of the Apes
  • nap some more
  • shop. 
  • Obi belt
  • meet cool people. Other than the "J-Dubs", we met a lady in a boutique who lived in Egypt for many years, and she had some rad rings and a belt that I wouldn't pay $25 for but I'd sure as hell buy a knock off here for 10 cents cheaper. No, seriously, that's the cheapest one I could find online. Granted, I didn't spend too much time looking for it. 

  • not purchase things and then regret it later. I found a coat that I MUST have. I couldn't afford it, however, but when I'm famous enough from writing this blog or from my second novel, they'd send me the coat for free like swag to Angelina.
  • purchase things and not regret it later
  • drink copious amounts of Diet Mt. Dew and vanilla root beer.
  • text
  • talk
  • chat
  • On a completely unrelated topic, remember that time I dragged a cat under my car on the interstate for a mile without realizing it? No? Well, I explain it later, but it did happen. The cat lived. If that instance were a metaphor for other mistakes in my life, I'd sure hope that the cat would survive every time.
  • spill guts
  • gossip
  • share "vault" stories
  • not-share "vault" stories
  • compare teaching stories
  • compare student stories
  • try to stump our Linguistics Ph.D candidate from the University of Georgia with sentence diagramming Click on this link. It's worth it.
  • ....twice.

  • (The linguist won. Twice.)
  • sing
  • share favorite songs about hotels
  • share favorite songs about love
  • meet ma'am/the guy at the front desk whose name we can't remember and somehow settled on  ma'am. I can't remember why, but it's a fair bet that I can blame Shan.
  • have thumb wars
Ten bucks on the red watch.

  • trade SLAP watch innards
  • purely platonic snuggling. No spooning
  • made a cricket out of cheap silverware that wasn't stolen from a Greek restaurant. Cross my heart.

    Not a cricket, but fun with forks anyway.
  • kissed a horse with a newspaper face
Can I get some action from the equine section?

Creepy looking bottom half if you ask me. Both me and the horse.

  • questioned whether the morbidly obese homeless man holding a BIG GULP cup outside of a restaurant really needed money for food. If ever the term "belly spilling out to his knees" applied, this would be the time. I'm quoting Shan. (Uh-oh. Brandi might have something to say about this. But if you were there, Brandi, I swear you would've been a little hesitant to fork over some cash.)
  • acquired our fair share of mini bottles of orange ginger Bath and Body Works lotion, shampoo, and conditioners
  • watch E! news
  • share make-up and lotion
  • make duck faces
"Duck face"

I'd vacation with these girls any day. I heart you guys.



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