Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Thing Under the Bed

(Brandi said I had to preface this story with this explanation: This is a 1st person fictional piece about a kid afraid of something under his bed.)

I knew something was under the bed because it purred when the lights went out as if the darkness stroked it’s tufts of fur, eliciting a meditative rumble in its throat. The sound is soft at first, but grows as the blackness settles on my room. 

I saw the creature’s paw once; a giant baseball mitt with talons that scratched scars at the end of my bed posts. But I’m not afraid, because I’ve learned to sleep with a flashlight ever since I noticed the purring. It doesn’t emerge when the beam of my flashlight pierces holes in the darkness. 

Tonight, I hear a new noise. Something rolling across my wooden floors. I clutch the flashlight beneath my two quilts, and peek out over the layers. The rolling continues, its source slowing. Unafraid, I ready my flashlight and squint into the shadows. I flip the switch on my flashlight. But nothing. 

Then, I made out the shape of the thing that rolled. 

A battery. 

The thing purrs.


  1. I had to read this twice before I realized it was NOT a metaphor for a vibrator.

  2. GEEEEEZ Brandi! I suppose I should've prefaced it with "This is a 1st person fictional piece about a kid afraid of something under his bed."

    My bad.

  3. No, no need to preface. I got it after the second readthrough. You have to remember my situation. It colors my perception.



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