Friday, November 25, 2011

Craftering is hard.

I'm crafty.
And not in the sneaky way. Wait...yes, in the sneaky way, but also in the Martha Stewart-y way. Except mine usually turns out like Stewart's prison years stuff. Anyway, I saved my Christmas cards from last year and made these this year. Super fun. and EASY. Easy even for a craft-gimp like me.

Christmas Card Houses

I think they look better with the longer roof.

Anyone recognize the card you sent me last year?

Looks kind like Mater is the angel. I'm sure that's just what God wanted this scene to look like.
Closed house

See. You can put goodies inside. Guess what your Christmas cookies are coming in this year, neighbors? THIS HOUSE!


  1. these are so cool! Can anyone (like someone who is not very crafty) make them? Are they very hard? I have tons on old Christmas cards (I don't know what I was saving them for), but I am really all thumbs on crafts.

  2. SOOOOO easy to make. I'll see if I can post how-to pics or even upload a video for you.



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