Monday, November 14, 2011

It's no wonder there's lots of malpractice suits out there

Think of your own caption. I just saw it and thought, "It's the Lego version of the opening scene of The Stand." I'm not sure how that fits with this post, but humor me. 
I just got my records from the doctors. I needed them for research for my weight loss memoir, and I kid you not, that whole cliche about docs having really bad handwriting is a true story.

Here's my interpretation of one of the notes:

Repressive got gain since 1st pregnancy. [Could be "Progressive wt. gain", but it sure felt repressive.]
& aus when act fishy [I do tend to break out my Australian accent when I act suspiciously.]
OCS Nevier pregnancy.
Stings @ rm Ha non. [He's making this part up, right?]
I revived a hve sitreateion (analysis
and adenied against NRC for
a treatment of AUB fincially
on liyner of denic pregnancy.
Instead, I recommended reat
for insulin resistance-->see
actended cursity sheet fr details
of counseling ink. Spent 25 min
of a nun appt counseling
zp: 1. chis compler nener
2. ohevity [obesity?]
3. puhance insulin resistance.
Man: /fasting glucen/lyrics/cr + [I know what this chicken scratch means. He ordered me a nasty flat orange soda glucose test. Yeck.]

I can't wait to talk to the dr. who wrote all this. I can't take heads or tails of most of it. But apparently at one point I had some problems with "liyner of denic pregnancy." I don't know what that is, but it sure sounds bad.

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