Monday, January 16, 2012

I flew to Orlando but landed on Memory Lane

Lisa and I in front of Epcot
Napoleon Birthday cake for Lisa's birthday. YUM! 
"Screw the fork! It's my birthday! I'm chowing down."
Dr. Who? (Lisa in "England")

So, I'm in Orlando right now and staying with a friend I haven't seen almost 13 years. She and I were friends in high school when we both lived in Mississippi back in the late nighties. She and I reconnected over facebook a few years ago and have been pretty close for the better half of a year. So I came to visit her.

I flew to Orlando.
and ended up on Memory Lane.

I think the weirdest thing about this trip is that I'm remembering things that I haven't thought about in a decade. Things like...

  • "A likely story..." and "negatory" and "how do you reeeeally feel?"
  • Sensory details so poignant, I might as well be in a time machine. 
  • The way the D. family's arguments could take on any debate team and make their heads oscillate like a salad spinner. (PS. Remember the law of inertia: Don't open the salad spinner when the object is in motion. This can be taken metaphorically and literally. Your choice.)
  • The D. family children treat "Game Night" like the opportunity to intellectually wrestle for a chance to be King of the Mental Mountain for a few weeks until the next "Game Night". And how strangely victors and losers are equally smug when it's all over. 
  • And the movie references! "Do you realize the street value of this mountain? It's pure snow!" and "Heeed! Pants! Now!" and "It's possible. Pig. Conceivable. You vomitous mass." 
  • Remembering the songs we listened to and either loved or hated. Loved: "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-lot; Hated: "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Soundgarden. 
  • I heart Orlando!
  • Remembering how intimidated I used to be of my friend's dad. (Not so much anymore. I could hold my own as long as we weren't playing Trivial Pursuit, which they tried to talk me into. I put my pedicured foot down on that one.)
Don't tell our husbands, but we met someone. So what if he lives under a bridge and quizzes us on our favorite color and the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? 
We each got a pearl straight from an oyster in "Japan" and got them set into a necklace.
We both got size 7 pearls. I learned how to count down (3-2-1) in Japanese, then promptly forgot it. 

Then we created new memories:
  • Bingeing on foods of the world...Disney World
  • Peeing a little on The Tower of Terror
  • Learning how to play Golf without a course 
  • Watching karaoke at Rising Star on Universal's City Walk, daring each other to sing, and when they didn't call our names, we were equal parts disappointed and relieved. 
  • Getting a massage by Dawson from Dawson's Creek. (As close to literally as a person can get without being literal.)
  • Heel swapping
  • Pillow talk with my new/old BFF. 
  • The best dang mango salsa since the invention of Cafe Rio. 
  • If you combined PMSing Siren, a Tazmanian Devil having a seizure, and a Banshee having a meltdown together, you'd witness a fraction of the tantrum my friend's toddler had at church. Seriously, a dingo ate possessed her baby. 
  • Seeing the top of the dolphin tank in the Nemo exhibit. SO COOL. 
I am pretty much having the best time ever. And I still have 2 more days to go! 

Eat your heart out, bobbies! 



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