Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I know I didn't give you a lot to infer with, but I REALLY like shoes.

I had a lot of fun taking photos for my new blog headers.

Guess which ones I wear the most...
I can tell you where I bought each pair and how much I paid. 'Cept for the older ones.

These are Jimmy Choos I wish I owned.

This is the editorial photo I took for my other blog.

I need a tan. Got these at Payless for close to $20.

These are my all time favorites. They're Guess, and I got 'em in Vegas at a Ross for less than $40.
Best shoes ever.
My friend Shan loves shoes too. Actually, most of my friends love shoes.

Even the tacky ones are fun. I didn't buy them, but I had fun trying them on at Famous.
I can't wait to wear these in the spring. Payless on sale.

I even like flip flops with flair. Payless for close to $10.

I apologize in advance or my exhibitionist personality. Got 'em at JC Penney's a couple years ago. Don't remember the cost.

These are last year's flip flops. Payless for close to $10.

Flannery O' Connor, I heart your writing and your style. Though the shoes are a little conservative for me.
My newest acquisition. Famous Footwear for $25 on sale rack.
I am inadvertently indoctrinating my children with my obsession. Yes, my son is wearing a high heel. I know. I know. It so doesn't go with that outfit.
Taken right after the BIG FOOT run in Ogden last Sept.
I'll admit, there's a time and place for heels. And Moab isn't one of them.

This photo is less about the shoes and more about this awesome bike. Winning. (However, these are my favorite flip flops. They're SODA brand and seriously so COMFORTABLE. I wore them at Disneyland ALL DAY. Invest in SODA flip flops. Your pedicurist will thank you. Less than $20.)
Candy for your feet. $25 at Head Over Heels.
What kind of shoe enthusiast would I be if I didn't also pay homage to boots. These are my favorites.

Got them at Head Over Heels for $37 on sale. [Side note: I got the skirt from JC Penney's for $2. No lie.

I've had these boots for several years. I can't remember how much they cost me, but I love the exposed zipper look. I call 'em my Buffy boots.
Ross for under $20. Great for weddings.

On the left: Payless for close to $20. On the right: Snakeskin peeptoes at Dress Barn for under $20.

Black peep toes from Payless for close to $20.

Got these in Orlando at a Target for $14. Got the skirt from Ross for $15.

Did I ever tell you that I think my feet are my best feature? Well I do. That's prolly why I love shoes so much.

My Vietnamese pedicure for $30.
Also, did you know that March 1-8th is National Shoe Week. Best week of the year.

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  1. All I can say her is...girl, we have a problem. We can be each other's support group. 'Cause our problem is we need more feet for more shoes.



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