Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Am I crazy?

So I just found out about a $1,000 writing scholarship in conjunction with WIFYR, and it's a YA lit. competish.

And I'm going for it.

I don't have anything more than a meaty skeleton of two teen characters.
Zero plot.
A deadline in ONE MONTH.
And an anvil on my chest.

What the what was I thinking?

Here's what I was thinking:

A) My school will never opt to pay for a week long conference. (They did.)
B) My author friends will never have time to write me letters of rec. (They do.)
C) My schedule will never allow it. (It did.)
D) I will not meet the requirements. (I do.)

And when my excuses were axed down, I shrugged. You know me. I never pass up an opportunity. 

I only need 20 pages after all.
heh. Not as easy as it sounds.
I have to plan out the whole plot before I can commit to writing. So yeah. I have to come up with the entire plot a story and write 20 quality pages in 30 days. And keep teaching, writing for the paper, babysitting, and running the household. Yeesh.

Someone tell me I can do this.
And that I can win the hell outta that competition.

I'm crazy, aren't I? 


  1. Pretend it is a pair of stilettos and wear the hell out of that thing.



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