Sunday, April 1, 2012

ABOUT ME (Intro for A to Z)

[Remember when all those facebook quizzes were going around? "Answer these questions, and post them to your wall if you don't want the internet gods to smite you with an eternal rotating hourglass every time you try to login." You know?  Well here's one with my answers from '09 and my answers from '12, in that order. Weird how much has changed. Also, you noticed that the numbers don't line up. It's b/c there's 44, and I cut the boring ones just for you. ]

1. Do you like Bleu Cheese?
not ever.
Yes. On salads.

2. Have you ever been drunk?
never ever. Did get a little loopy at a dentist appointment after they gave me laughing gas.
Would you believe me if I said "accidentally"?

3. Do you own a gun?
no way.
no way. but I did go shooting for the first time this January. I'm an excellent shot.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
If there's needles involved, yes.
I do not wanna go under the knife for anything. ...Unless it's a free tummy tuck.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
crystal light--with caffeine.

11. Favorite hobby?
Reading and writing.

12. Do you have A.D.D.?
sorry, what was that?
No. But my husband does.

13. What's your favorite shoe?
kitten-heeled blue leather open-toed sandals with alligator skin detailing.
Lemme answer that with pictures.

14. Middle name?
Danger. heh heh.

15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?
Who wrote this stupid song on Pandora. I want to go to the No Doubt concert. Obesity is a symbol in Oliver Twist.
My feet stink a little. Or is that the dog. I should go to bed.

16. What are 3 drinks you normally drink?
water, crystal light, hot chocolate
water, crystal light, spinach shakes.

17. Current worry?
Another rejection letter?
Gaining weight. [Click me to see a fat pic of me. I've lost 70 lbs.]

18. Current hate right now?
stupid facebook quizzes and Farmville requests.

19. Favorite dog breed?
Boston Terrier
My dog. Chihuahua Terrier mix. 
This is Spike.

27. Favorite color?
33. Last thing that made you laugh?
Elayna saying, "Mom, Gavin sometimes eats chicken butts."

This conversation with my 4yo, Gavin.
Gavin: Mom, you are a dummy.
Me: We don't call people 'dummy'. But you can say, 'Mom, you are really pretty.'
Gavin: No, I can't.
Me: Why not?
Gavin: Because it's a lie.

35. Worst injury you've ever had as a child?
broken heart.
twice broken heart, and that's a bad thing. Don't be confused by how positive "twice" can be. Like "twice-baked lasagne" is super good, but in this case having your heart broken once and then again years later is a bitch.

39. How many dogs do you have?
One. Spike. I heart him.

40. Does someone have a crush on you?
Some BGWs I met in Vegas last year. Oh, and a deli employee in Park City gave me a free extra brownie a couple years ago. not really.
I kinda have a crush on this guy.

41. What is your favorite book?
The Wife
Ten Year Nap
(both by Meg Wolitzer)
And I love Dan Wells.


  1. I'm not really sure why, but the one comment I had posted on my blog isn't showing up on my blog. But here's what Vero said,

    "This is the funniest Facebook quiz I've read so far! The contrast did it... no, actually it was your sense of humor. No, wait, the pictures! Yes, I loved the pictures. And the humorous contrast. Hm... let me sum up: your blog rocks!"

    Thanks, Vero.

    If anyone is struggling with commenting on my blog will you tell me. I don't wanna screw the whole A to Z thing up.

  2. Posting Problems?

  3. not for you, huh. Hmmm... Wonder why it didn't work for Vero.

    Isn't Vero the coolest name ever.

  4. This was so fun! I love that you love red. But not in heels that high - I'd kill myself. Besides, I'm already 6'0" - really no need :)

  5. I love shoes, too! You have a great collection. Great 1st post for the challenge. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

    New follower. SabrinaAFish

  6. Nice posting and I love shoes too. I have a Chihuahua so I must comment on Spike, he looks spoiled rotten. :) Can't wait to read your April Postings

  7. Tasha, those Jimmy Choos are actually not mine. But I would so wear them.


    And I'm glad you others like shoes too. And GG, Spike is only mildly spoiled. I swear. =)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. OK, first of all, LOVE the red shoes! Second, spinach shakes? On purpose or were you forced? Third, cute kids:) Fourth, I had a Chihuahua/American Eskimo mix named Tinkerbell. She rocked and ran the household. Looking forward to your posts:)

  9. I really enjoyed this. I love the red shoes. The Chihuahua was adorable, along with your children. (Oh, are they yours, or borrowed?) Also I love bleu cheese, and you must know, I wrote about red shoes in my book. How cool is that? Looking forward to your blogs. I'm checking in from A to Z Challenge. This is my first time, and already it's a blast.

  10. @Shay, spinach shakes aren't as bad as they sound. I stick a wad of fresh spinach in the bottom of my blender, top it with frozen fruit, a banana, and crystal light. It's pretty good and is full of antioxidants.

    And cute name: "Tinkerbell".

    @KSC, They are my children. lol. Not borrowed. I'll have to check out your book.

    Thanks for stopping by.



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