Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebrate Easter with new shoes.

Let's be honest. I'd celebrate Guy Fawkes Day with new shoes if I knew when it was.

But here's the new shoes I bought for Easter/for the hell of it.

$15 Maddens at Famous.
$18 SODA at Head Over Heels. The ottoman is from Wal-Mart, but I covered it in this cute material that I found at JoAnns.
Obligatory metaphor to writing:

A person's style is usually pretty obvious to spot on the outside. Likewise, a writer's personality should be blatantly apparent. Voice can be in the form of a glass slipper, stiletto slingback, or platform Maryjane. Either way, if your signature isn't in your prose, you might find yourself ambushed on TLC's new show What Not to Write.


  1. Love the shoes! And your analogy for writer's voice. I'm a sucker for good analogies ^_^

  2. Love the shoes! Next to purses, shoes are my next fave!!! I think in comparing shoes to writing I would be the one in the Dorothy shoes clicking my heels and saying, "there's no place like home" :)

  3. Every time I read your blog I want to go shopping (not that I need an excuse, but it is nice to be able to blame it on you;)

    Cute shoes! Oh, and I think I am a total stiletto slingback- racy, in your face, although we may have to add some unexpected and humorous detail to the stilettos like racing stripes or black lights coming from the bottom of them. Maybe I am a 70's platform with gold fish in the heel.

  4. @ GG, the heels would have to be more that the cube on the bottom of the Dorothy shoes for me. Still, that girl knew how to rock some shoebling.

    @Shay, Just you wait. It's only going to get better. You may have a shoegasm.

    Plus, racing stripes on a stiletto. HA! Love that idea. Remind me to tell you my story about meeting a stripper in Vegas, and how she misspelled stiletto.

    Gold fish in the heel! HA! What movie was that?

  5. Guy Fawkes night is 5th November. Although it's celebrated with a bonfire. Willing to burn any of your shoes?

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  6. @mooderino, why? It's not like they're Catholic conspirators.

    And thanks for the correct spelling. I didn't even notice that, but it's fixed. =)

  7. Interesting to compare writing styles to shoes :) I am a boot kind of girl myself. Life is not worth living without a great pair of boots!

  8. love me some boots to siv. They are always on sale this time of year too.

  9. Cool shoes. Cool analogy! I'm not sure what sort of shoes my writing style would be. Hmmm...

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. I love the wedge-heeled shoes... they're more comfy and you can go the entire evening on your feet!
    This post is reminding me that I need to check out some boots for winter...
    I wonder what shoes my writing style would be?



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