Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for my kids and for that time I visited Larry King's house.

 My kids are going to narrate these pics for you.
San Fran Zoo
ME: Can you tell me about this photo?
LAYNE: First let me wash this out. [runs off.] ...OK I'm back. The turtle's just stone. He can't move. I'm laying on his back.
GAVIN: She's getting on that turdle. Laying on it with her tummy.
Angie Berrio Photography
 LAYNE: That's when we lived in our apartment, and I was really shy and I only came out half way.
GAVIN: And you were holding me and without my shoes on. That was a long time ago when I was born.
LAYNE: How old was he?
ME: 7 months old. Not even a year.

Universal Studios a couple of years ago. They were so excited to see Spongebob
 GAVIN: It's Spongebob. I'm thirsty.
LAYNE: Spongebob's my favorite character.
GAVIN: [runs away and back with rainbow gold fish] Have some a dis, mom. [runs off chanting "nah nah nah noon].

That's how we roll.
 GAVIN: That's my new cup. But I lost it.
LAYNE: Gavin is eating very sloppy.
GAVIN: [jumps up.] What's a berry sloppy, mom?
He's got that Mr. Burns conspiratorial look about him. "Excellent, Smithers. Excellent."
 LAYNE: That's a wagon. But it's not real.
GAVIN: We are on a roller coaster. What is it? A roller coaster to connect to another roller coaster. A long one.
Zombie faces.
 LAYNE: We are making funny faces. I like funny faces. [Both kids then demonstrate favorite funny faces.]

Two seconds after this photo was taken, he shot me in the face with that foam rocket.
GAVIN: We are playing in the sand with toys. And you have a toy and I'm gonna show you someting and then I pump it out. What is that, mom?
ME: A foam rocket.
GAVIN: Whoa. I like foam rockets. It's Dale's. But he left it at Chris's house. I want that for my birtday. The one that opens up. I want every single toy for my birtday.
"Someone get me a latte."
 LAYNE: I think I'm saying, "Be careful" to Miles because he's I think he's swimming out far. Except he knows how to swim. So...
Objects may be cuter than they appear.
 LAYNE: We're doing funny faces and that's a pic of me with my new backpack.
GAVIN: Making a funny face.
This was his Captain Underpants phase.
 GAVIN: I'm playing with my stool with my swimsuit on.
LAYNE: That's your underwear!
GAVIN: I'm wearing underwear! I'm driving...going to outer space and driving in outer space in my spaceship.
Festival of Colors. See this post for more info.
 LAYNE: That's us at the Festival of Colors. And I threw some at Trevor. PINK dust at Trevor. [giggles] I tried to throw it in his face.
GAVIN: And I threw orange at Trevor's head. [giggles] and his back [giggles] and his everythi...and his face.
LAYNE: I threw it at his butt! [giggles.]
GAVIN: NO! I DID! [They argue over who threw dust at Trevor's butt.]
Cutest kid ever. 
I also got to visit Larry King's Utah home last summer. He wasn't home, but I did get these photos.

Yes, that's him with the Bushes.

I'm really not that big of a fan. My face just gets overly excited sometimes.

This is only one shelf of his awards. One shelf in one cabinet in one home of his awards.

His balcony.


  1. Love the kid commentary! Too cute. :D

  2. love the pictures! your kids are cute. and however did you get to visit Larry King's house?
    Happy A-Zing!

  3. I just love their facial expressions!!

  4. That sounds exactly like the conversations I have with my kids. Great to see them put to text



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