Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh crap! I don't have a "O" post...

Internet! Help me. I don't have a "O" post.

Here's a "finish that sentence" exercise that I just invented.

Type in the letter "O" + the first letter in your first name into a Google search box. Then, whatever word or phrase pops up first (or go by most interesting), finish the sentence. Repeat with subsequent letters in your name.

Here we go...

O + R = "Originally OJ Simpson was known for" football and buying expensive custom made shoes. Size 12.

O + E =  "the shot heard around the world poem" didn't resonate with my students. =(

O + N = "quotes on teaching stress" are numerous. My personal favorite is...

 "A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary." ~Thomas Carruthers

I love it, because I'm all about the gradual release of responsibility.

O + A =  "toast master bread machine kneading parts" are only about $19, but I have yet to purchase a new one for my bread machine. I keep forgetting. I think my son or my husband accidentally threw it in the trash with a loaf of bread that didn't turn out very good. Maybe they're trying to tell me that my cooking sucks even when a machine does it for me. Hmm...Either way, I'll need to get one soon, we live off of homemade bread at the end of the month. ('Cause there's no money for store bought.)

There you have it. A fun little game for you if you don't have an "O" post or any letter post.

What was the  most interesting letter in your name when you combined it with "O" for the Google exercise?


  1. "It's often said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. But you can add "rehashing of the O.J. Simpson case" to that list "

    O + J

    Cute "o" baby picture. All the pics actually!

    1. True story!
      And thanks. I tried to pick pics where we were all making a circle with our lips. Surprised how many I had.

  2. Intriguing post. I would never think of doing anything like that!

  3. My best one from my name is "O Y" as in Oy vey. It made me giggle. I have to admit when I read your title, I thought it was going to be about the big O. Yes, my mind IS in the gutter.

    1. I'll be honest. I had to look that up. lol.
      Not the big O. I had to look up Oy vey.

      Also, I had to blog on eggshells to get around that inference. =) A lot of ppl prolly thought that, but giggled to themselves.

      me included.

    2. How could you not know what oy vey meant? That is just sad! What are you, a goy? (Yes, yes you are) ;-)

    3. I actually knew that one. And yes I am. =)

  4. O+C: The O.C. is an American teen drama that Cole Smithey and Trevor Morris live everyday!!

    O+O: Early this morning, a small sliver of the north rim of Pu`u `O`o crater collapsed taking way longer to pop than I thought it would.

    O+L: A collection of the finest fabric for superhero costume making is made from baby seals. Yeah, I went there!!!

    O+E: Phase mask, fiber Bragg gratings, long period grating, high power metal mask, gain flattening filter, tunable filter, broadband light source, I’m going to unstop the HELL out of this toilet!!!

    1. LOL. Which one of the OC characters are you? Please don't say "Luke".

      Also, no wonder superheroes are hard to find. They can't get past slugging baby seals for their costumes. Well good for them. Keep fighting the good fight, superheroes. Even if it means NOT-fighting the good fight.
      ...I guess they could fight naked.

      I just came up with the best slogan for superheroes everywhere! "Save the baby seals: fight naked."

  5. Neat idea! I'll go with: O+A = "Overeaters Anonymous offers a program of recovery from compulsive eating using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA." Appropriate for me since I felt like ingesting huge amounts of chocolate tonight, but held myself back (thankfully!).

    Thanks for vising my blog!

    1. Mmm. Chocolate. When I'm stressed I eat and break out like a teenager on prom night.

      Glad to see you here!



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