Friday, April 20, 2012

"Read My Manuscript Or I'll Cut You" and REDBOOK

"Read My Manuscript Or I'll Cut You" is the name of my critique blog.

Several of my writing buddies and I got together and started one. We post work and comment. It's pretty valuable. I know some writers hate these forums, but I rather like it. I appreciate their honesty, and I think we've got some pretty great writers in the making.

How do you feel about critique groups?

Also, my other blog was featured in REDBOOK almost a year ago. True story. It's cuz I lost a lot of weight.


  1. I love my critique group and my beta readers. Couldn't do it without them. For reals. And congrats on the bunch of weight loss - I'm sure you feel better all around.

  2. I adore my crit partners. We are working differently though. We all crit each other's work, but not in public. So no one is biased and the crit is between the critter and crittee. :-P

    1. our blog is private too. I am pretty addicted to them now.=)



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