Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm going for the gold...

After taking your advice on following my heart, I've started writing the piece for the contest I told you in my last post. It was a challenging decision. I felt passionate about both, so I really had to listen to myself before going for it. I'm so glad I chose to attempt the contest. The piece I'm writing has been therapeutic. It's still so raw that I'm not sure if it's worth $2 much less $10,000. Did I tell you that's how much the prize is for? Yep. Ten grand.

There are some of you out there who are shaking your head at me. You're thinking, "Aren't you setting your dreams a little high?" And on some level I agree with you. My writing insecurities tend are debilitating at times, but let me respond to my inner criticism with a meme:

That said, I'm going back to the office to get some more work done.
Never give up, yo.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Writer's Exhaustion

After I finished my submission for the WIFYR conference and the April A to Z Challenge, I took a break from writing. I only intended to take a week long breather, but one week turned to two. Two turned to three, and now it's almost the end of May. I must've been more exhausted than I thought.

Today, I'm picking up the WIP again.

or will I?

I heard about another competition with a huge monetary prize. I might wanna submit to it. I meet the requirements, and I think I'm talented enough for it. I hate to abandon the weight loss memoir for another competition, especially since I was doing so well prior to the submission deadline, but this new one is worth a LOT of money. And anyone who is a writer knows that money is muy importante. And anyone who knows me knows money is scarce and therefore muy muy importante.

It could be worth it.


Friday, May 11, 2012


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Hey writer friends with kids,

Are you looking for a day camp for your teen writer? I know of a really good one this June.

It will include daily writing, sharing, publication opportunities, and lessons (from professional writers) that are built around the specific requests by the teen writers.

It's gonna be epic. Check it out. There are also courses available for a younger crowd.



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