Saturday, September 22, 2012


You will bare scars like lightning bolts on your womb and heart.
You will soak a pink "Women of Steel" t- shirt with your tears.
What you love will sculpt regret.
What you hate will entrance you like Pavlov's chime.
What ignites the flame smothers the light.
What bleeds from the pen bandages the wounds.
If this be your candle, inhale the smoke; let it singe your throat and eyes.


  1. Ah, Rena, this is--no, not beautiful. Beautiful doesn't do it justice. This piece resonated with me because the novel I'm working on could be summed up like this. If I ever get it published, I'll come back and ask you for permission to print this on the front flap. And, for sure, it's going on a post-it on the edge of my screen for inspiration--and focus--in the meantime. Thank you!

  2. Such kind words, G. Thank you so much. It made my whole day! The poem was inspired by a poem by Joshua Marie wilkinson. I saw him at a conference this weekend.



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